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    About Me and This Site

      I love cowboy hats and have too many of them - that's why this site exists.  I don't sell hats, I don't make hats, nor am I world renowned expert - far from it.   

    Originally, I created a cowboy hat page on my personal site but didn't suspect that this would become the most popular page by far.  And so this site was born out of that natural interest expressed by all of you.

    I grew up in Newfoundland, Canada and lived for many years in British Columbia.  There I fell in love with the western lifestyle and learned to ride and even rope (a little bit - just enough to say that I can kinda do it).  In 2002 I moved to Dallas for career purposes and have been here ever since.  No, I'm not a cowboy (there aren't many real ones left) but I enjoy aspects of that culture.

    In addition to this site I also have my photography site at where I do a fair amount of cowboy and western photography so check it out if you get a moment.